Thursday, November 21, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 27

Leadership - Essay Example I was assigned an office and informed that some of them were later to be absorbed in the organization. Therefore, I had to lecture them and erase any negative perception towards teamwork. The first strategy that I used was to create a communication link between them. I made it mandatory for all members to communicate with each other daily. Secondly, I implemented an open office policy whereby each group member would feel free to air any grievances without the use of intermediaries (Kano 87). I also shared my contacts in order for the members to reach me any time they feel like. Through these interventions, the group started working as a unit within the timeframe of two weeks. Through this experience, I felt like as a complete leader. I believe that being accessible to all members of the team was one aspect that enabled me to do well. This is because in many cases team fall out because of poor conflict solving mechanisms. Therefore, implementing an open office policy gave me an opportunity to arrest the situation before it get out of hand. In addition, the team members felt united because their grievances were being addressed effectively. Therefore, even after completing my task, they remained united and majority of them ended up being part-time subordinates of the organization. However, besides being close to the team members, I could have trained them of on the importance of diversity. This is through informing them that diversity in the team is significant in enabling them to tackle various challenges that keep on emerging in the modern market. I could have trained them that with the increasing levels of globalization resulting from liberalization of markets, efficient flow of information, and integration of e conomies, the level of competition in the market has increased tremendously (Iqbal 77). Therefore, they can use their diverse skills, experiences, and different ways of

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